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    Making sure that your baby eats a healthy and balanced diet is one of the most important aspects of being a parent. During the winters, it’s even more necessary to pay special attention to what foods your baby is consuming! With seasonal changes come a lot of seasonal diseases and ailments, and if your baby’s […]

    The post 6 Essential Food Items Your Baby Must Try This Winter appeared first on MomJunction.

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    There are quite a few parents who see drinking as a great way to unwind and relax after a long, hard day at work. It’s understandable too, as drinking in moderation has been shown in some studies as having a positive effect on the reduction of stress (1). However, the question we are posed with […]

    The post Should You Drink Alcohol In Front Of Your Kids? appeared first on MomJunction.

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    Kareena Kapoor has been charming the audience with her on-screen performances for years. It was no different when the Bollywood superstar caught the eyes of paparazzi as she once again displayed her typically sensational flair for fashion by posing and flaunting her impressive post-baby body for numerous photo-ops. In the past few months, the paparazzi […]

    The post Winter Style: Kareena Kapoor And Taimur Ali Khan Steal The Show Yet Again! appeared first on MomJunction.

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    ‘Baby-led weaning’ is a process of introducing solid foods into a baby’s diet after the first six months. Unlike traditional spoon-feeding or assisted feeding, the baby eats by using his or her hands to transfer food to the mouth and then proceeds to chew and swallow, unassisted. Baby-led weaning rose to prominence 10-15 years ago […]

    The post The DOs And DON’Ts Of Baby-Led Weaning appeared first on MomJunction.

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    Floppy baby syndrome is a condition seen in babies where the body and joints have a reduced amount of resistance towards passive movement due to decreased muscle tone. This condition is also known as the ‘Floppy Infant Syndrome’ (FIS) and could be a symptom of serious underlying disorders, which could lead to developmental problems in […]

    The post Floppy Baby Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms And Treatments appeared first on MomJunction.

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    It’s winter! As our planet Earth moves away from the Sun for the colder part of the year, parents, as well as babies, begin to feel the effect of the dropping temperatures. While some parts of the world experience significantly low temperatures, other parts are warmer. The essentials that you will require for your baby […]

    The post What Are The Essentials I Need For My Baby In Winter? appeared first on MomJunction.

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    One of the most prevalent, common skin conditions that occur across people of all ages, is Dry skin. Dry skin could be unsightly to look at, the person having it might not feel very confident “in their own skin”, and of course, the skin being devoid of moisture for too long could lead to permanent […]

    The post 6 Sure Shot Ways To Treat Dry Skin appeared first on MomJunction.

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    One of the greatest truths of motherhood and parenthood, in general, is the realization that babies poop. Not only do they poop, but they also do it quite often and do “more” of it than an unsuspecting person would otherwise assume. Being a parent is no easy task; helping your baby through his/her poop cycles […]

    The post What Your Baby's Pooping Faces Can Tell You appeared first on MomJunction.

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    Babies grow up quick, and time flies by when you’re with them. This is a fact that can be verified by any parent! The first year of a baby’s life is filled with so many milestones, significant progress points and changes in their little bodies, that it almost feels as if time is being accelerated. […]

    The post Keeping Track Of Your Baby's Growth: An Interesting Photo Journal appeared first on MomJunction.

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    Pregnancy is a biological process that has been medically recorded across a wide spectrum of ages, with the oldest pregnancy on record being credited to a British woman, at 59 years of age (1). With an increasing number of celebrities and public figures also experimenting with having babies in the later stages of their lives, […]

    The post The Benefits And Risks Of Getting Pregnant At Different Ages appeared first on MomJunction.

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    Breastfeeding is probably one of the most special experiences of motherhood. Having an intimate connection with your baby, being responsible for his/her nutritional nourishment, feeling the rush of love and adoration while your little one feeds, etc. are all a part of breastfeeding, making it a rewarding and beautiful experience. However, there is also the […]

    The post If You Are A Breastfeeding Mother, This Could Save You A Lot Of Trouble appeared first on MomJunction.

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    Pregnancy is a beautiful journey for the expecting mother, right from the beginning to the time of  delivery. An even more important journey begins after that with the start of motherhood. Out of the many things that change post-partum, some are not so pleasing,, and a surge in hair loss is one of them. According […]

    The post Losing Hair After Delivery? Here’s What You Need To Do To Get That Shine & Bounce Back appeared first on MomJunction.

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    There’s always a lot of excitement and happiness surrounding the birth of a newborn baby. Parents, grandparents, friends, and relatives are all ecstatic at the induction of a new little member into the family. However, even before the initial excitement can wear off, childcare responsibilities start to take over, in a big way. Babies are […]

    The post Cloth vs. Diaper For Newborn Babies appeared first on MomJunction.

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    The Japanese encephalitis virus comes from the Flavivirus genus, which also includes viruses such as those that cause dengue, yellow fever, and zika. The Japanese encephalitis virus causes the dreadful Japanese encephalitis infection in humans, which is defined as a brain infection. Although the Japanese encephalitis infection generally shows mild symptoms and can even be […]

    The post How Does Japanese Encephalitis Virus Spread & Ways To Prevent It appeared first on MomJunction.

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    A preschool is the first actual introduction of a child to the outside world. It’s a place where the child, leaving the comfortable shell of their cozy home behind, takes his/her first steps towards socializing and learning. The preschool serves a very important role in establishing the foundation of your child’s personality, and it is […]

    The post Picking The Perfect Preschool For Your Child: 6 Things To Keep In Mind appeared first on MomJunction.

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    A preschool is a child’s first introduction to a systemic process of getting educated. Since it is the first time that the child enters an educational institution, there can be many different factors that can shape how the experience is going to end up. One of the important ways in which preschools can educate their […]

    The post How A Preschool Experience Is All About Making Learning Fun appeared first on MomJunction.

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    When it comes to entrepreneurship, few ways are more reliable than the ever tried-and-tested franchise model. Going by a franchise model for your business not only provides a safety net for your financial investment, but it also has a high rate of assured success compared to other forms of business. A franchise model of business […]

    The post Why A Preschool Franchise Is A Great Entrepreneurial Venture appeared first on MomJunction.

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    The Zika virus, which is the cause of an ongoing epidemic in Brazil and parts of other American continents, is a virus of the genus ‘Flavivirus,’ which also includes other viruses such as the dengue virus, the West Nile virus, etc. Transmission of the Zika virus is primarily carried out by the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, […]

    The post The History Of the Zika Virus In India & How One Should Prevent It appeared first on MomJunction.

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    Chikungunya is an infection caused due to the instance of the chikungunya virus, which is spread via mosquitoes. The disease can end up causing fever, rashes, debilitating joint pain, etc. It is rarely fatal, however, the absence of adequate medical attention in rare cases can cause severe complications (1). Mosquitoes responsible for the spread of […]

    The post Symptoms Of Chikungunya And Its Prevention appeared first on MomJunction.